Samoa place of happiness for visiting Aussie

By Anina Kazaz 24 April 2018, 12:00AM

Meet Sharon booth from central Queensland, Australia.

She came with her husband and her two children to Samoa.

To escape from their busy and stressful life back at home, her husband surprised the family with a trip to the islands.

“My husband decided for us to come to Samoa. Our business is busy at Christmas time, when our children come to visit us, we are working.”

“We did not want to be too far away from Australia. Somewhere we have never been before, where it is paradise, somewhere in the middle of the ocean, where you are not forced to do something. Our business is about rescuing animals, it is lovely but we are constantly on call.”

“We just wanted to find some peace,” she shared with Dear Tourist.

Sharon definitely found her peace in Samoa.

“I am very happy that he (husband) decided to come to Samoa,” she said.

The family arrived on Sunday and will leave on Saturday.

They rented a car for the whole week to drive around the islands. 

“First day we have been just hanging out on the pool at the resort and had some cocktails. Yesterday (Monday) we went to the To Sua Ocean Trench.”

“I am surprised about the animals in Samoa. There are a lot of roaming dogs, but they all seem to belong to someone. I am surprised at how they treat the animals.”

“It is almost like an animal paradise. It seems to be a very carrying nation.”

“We like to go around and explore more. We went out last night. We have been to the Edge, but we wanted to go to the place called Paddle, but could not find it, even with locals helping us and Google maps.”

“One other thing my son’s partner is vegan and she was kind of disappointed there was no vegan option to choose from.”

 “I would only say maybe more restaurants could be good for this place.”

“We have been travelling around the world a lot, but I am amazed and surprised the locals living accommodations, they have so little and are so happy.” 

“We have everything we could possibly want and we still complain it is still not enough. It makes me feel very humbled. It makes me want to be more around these types of people.”

“Coming here it makes me realize more what the important things in life are, it is so family-orientated here,” she shared.

Back home in Queensland it is not the same.

“It is very sad everyone is looking after themselves, it should not be like that. Coming here made me realise this is what I like.”

From all the islands Sharon including Tahiti, Rarotonga, Fiji and small islands in Malaysia, she shared the most attractive place for her is Samoa.

“We are going to retire soon and we are looking for somewhere to be, not too far away from Australia because our children live there. This island could probably be an idea.”

“I would like to have a nice little house and a normal standard of living here. I want to be a part of the community.”

“I would say on a personal level, this time of my life when I am kind of pondering about the past, present and future, I am in the right place at the right moment.”

“What I am looking for is here, it is beautiful, and also the people. That is amazing and makes me happy,” she said.

By Anina Kazaz 24 April 2018, 12:00AM
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