Kiwi family loves family oriented Samoa

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 10 November 2017, 12:00AM

Looking like it was just another ordinary day in the suburbs (except it was the marina parade) was the Wischnowsky family. 

Complete with their people mover van, the family were causing a bit of chaos unloading the bags, the children, and grandma before heading into Seafood Gourmet for lunch.

Dear Tourist caught up with Shaun and Kate Wischnowsky.

The family has never been to Samoa before and had only heard of our island through friends from their rugby club, but they were pleased with what they found.

“We just wanted a tropical island getaway really,” said Shaun. 

“I also play rugby with quite a few Samoan guys who talked about their island, so I thought why not Samoa? We didn’t really know anything about Samoa, we got here last Saturday and we leave on Sunday.”

Kate added: “We were looking for somewhere where we could relax by the pool with nice weather and go swimming and be able to go to a few different places. 

“We’ve been to the trench and the waterfalls and Savai’i and we’ve come over here to town today (yesterday). We’ve had a few little day trips.”

The family was staying at Saletoga Sands Resort which Kate and Shaun said was the right fit for their family.

“We are staying over on the other side of the island at Saletoga Sands Resort and it’s a really nice place. We’ve been swimming and we’ve just been at the trench. We’ve gone over to some of the other smaller islands and we got to swim with the turtles.”

Shaun said it was really important that they came to a place that was peaceful and laid back.

“The only other island that we’ve been to is Fiji and I found Samoa to be a lot better because it’s a lot less ‘touristy’,” said Shaun. 

Kate added: “Yeah we wanted somewhere that wasn’t so commercialized or ‘resort-y’, we wanted something that was more local-orientated which is why we like where we are on the other side of the island. 

“It’s just you and your resort and there’s no one else around. It’s very quiet and nice.”

Shaun and Katewere were very pleased to find Samoa was a family friendly place which made it easier to explore with their children in town.

“Yeah we will definitely come back,” said Shaun.

Kate added: “The people at the resort have been really good with our little girls. It’s definitely a family friendly environment. We’ve noticed that the Samoans with our children are always very friendly towards them, making sure that they are well looked after. 

“If they see that your hands are full, they take them off you - especially at the resorts. So yeah that’s been really good.”

Shaun is looking forward to catching up with his Samoan rugby team mates when he returns and fill them in on their adventures here, especially one particular time.

“It’s really funny because one of Shaun’s team mates is from the village next to where we are staying in Salatetoga,”said Kate.

Shaun added: “We walked down to the village yesterday and I asked the first guy if they know my teammate and of course they all know him because there are only so many people in their village,” he laughs. 

“So you know it’s been great, I mean it’s a beautiful country and a great place.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 10 November 2017, 12:00AM

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