Mother and son find Samoa unique

By Anina Kazaz 12 October 2018, 12:00AM

An Australian mother and son have found Samoa to be a unique getaway destination for their family. 

Genevieve and Micah Mitric are from Adelaide and are here for a one week holiday. 

 “We are from Australia so most people go to Fiji and Vanuatu. Years ago we met a couple of Samoan guys studying in Adelaide, they were wonderful people, so we wanted to come and see the place,” Genevieve told the Dear Tourist team.

Since their arrival they’ve been around Upolu under the guidance of locals, and to them it’s been a wonderful experience. 

 “I think there is enough to do even in the resort, you can go snorkeling and lava-lava printing you can do scuba diving etc. It depends what you want. The beaches are amazing, my husband and the kids they love snorkeling and the reefs here are beautiful.

 “We have been to Hawaii and this is much better, it’s the marine life it’s not spoiled, so we hope that in time when they are getting more tourists that they are still able to maintain and hopefully preserve what they have because it is amazing. I was at the beach and I can see little crabs crumbling around, which was overwhelming. The nature is so rich unspoiled that is beautiful.

 “Hawaii beaches are really nice too but I love how clear and nice sandy they are here. The Lalomanu beach was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to,” Genevieve said.

Micah said he enjoyed swimming in the pool and the ocean.

 “The trench was wonderful and with all the paths it felt really safe. They told us that the current sometimes comes stronger and we should stick with the ropes and you can hear it as well when waves come. At the sliding rock I wished they informed us more about where exactly to slide down as the water wasn’t high enough,” Genevieve said.

 “I think the market here is enough, what you have here is fine. The more you build the more you lose the appeal, which is a reason I come here. Where we come from we have everything but still we lack something, so what we get here is what we don’t have home.”

They also loved how the locals live their lives and how intact the Samoan culture is. 

“I love how they have the fales it is wonderful to maintain the culture. The cultural village has been amazing. The most impressing was the tattooing,” Genevieve said. She also said the language barrier makes it difficult to communicate with locals, especially taxi drivers. 

She said they would return and they would recommend Samoa to anyone. 

“My husband is very happy as well and enjoyed himself.”

The family leaves Samoa tomorrow. 

By Anina Kazaz 12 October 2018, 12:00AM

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