A fisherman and a father

By Aruna Lolani 23 June 2017, 12:00AM

There is no denying that fathers have an important role and must work hard. 

67-year-old Kenose Saofa’i from the village of Lauli’i is no exception. 

He was spotted by the Village Voice team yesterday on his way with his grandson to gather some seafood for lunch.  

“The tide at the moment is good for fishing,” Kenose said. 

“It is also the perfect time to gather some seafood. My family is very small; it’s just my wife, my two children.”

His children have families of their own.

 “I’m thankful that they decided to live with us because most children nowadays when they have their own families they just move away. 

“We all live under the same house and everyone contributes to the development of our family.”

The hard working father says things are going well. 

“Everything is fine. There is nothing wrong with our water and electricity which we’re very grateful for that.”

 However, like most people, money is a constant struggle.

“Well, I think it is everyone’s common issue because it’s one important factor for living. 

“Having no money to pay for our water and electricity, even for the kids school expenses is tough. 

 “For our family, my son is the only income earner.

“But my wife is our village women representative to the Ministry of Women. She gets paid fortnightly which also helps our family.

“When she is not on official duties, she’s at home weaving ietoga.”

Kenose’s skill as a fishermen  is a great help to their family.

 “This is the only way I can help out,” he said.

 “I know I’m too old to work so this is all I can do to help. Also my kids love eating fish. They prefer eating what the sea offers than meat from shops.”

There is only one slight problem.

Kenose said his fishing net is broken and he needs a new one.

If you want to buy Kenose a fishing net please contact the Village Voice team through 23078.

By Aruna Lolani 23 June 2017, 12:00AM

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