A new light on this Brexit saga

Dear Editor,

Re: Brexit: What does it mean for Samoa?

My friend and I have been discussing the Brexit issue and what it all means. 

She has an interesting theory, which I am in agreement with. She claims that it was the banks in England and the CEOs of major multinational corporations who manipulated the Brexit vote so that they could get out of any obligation to any socialist policies that Britain may have had to any of the less affluent E.U. member states. 

My friend goes further to suggest that Britain has been competing with Switzerland to become the global banking giant and has been the favored banks for Saudi foreign money. 

She feels that Britain will make more trade deals with N.A.F.T.A. than with the E.U. because it is American multinationals that really control all the flow of capital in the world and that was the real motivation behind Brexit. 

N.A.F.T.A. is not a trade institution, it is really a body that allows multinational companies to get parts made with cheap labour to assemble the goods elsewhere. 

Noam Chomsky does a good piece on YouTube about N.A.F.T.A. British bankers and corporate elites do not want to get left behind in the American global hegemony. 

An article I read in the Economist eluded to Goldman Sachs being one of the string pullers in British political circles and Mark Carney the ex bank of Canada governor who is now the Bank of England governor gave a press conference the other day to talk about the great shape the English banks are in and how they will easily weather this Brexit upheaval. 

I think I absolutely agree with my friend and never forget it is the British/American liberal economic policies that are behind the current theft of the Samoan commonwealths land. 

Samoa needs to be very careful about the loan/aid that they accept from all those British banks that need to invest all that Saudi money they are being inundated with. 

I was a bit puzzled why I seemed to be in support of the conservatives on this Brexit issue, what I was in fact supporting was what I believed was direct democracy. This shines a new light on the whole Brexit issue for me.


Wendy Wonder

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