Faifeau imprisonment the price for development

Dear Editor,

The Prime Minister of this country keeps saying that the church should not meddle in government affairs and the question that screams out is that why the heck are they meddling in the affairs of the church.  

You meddle with your own government money and the church will meddle with their own money.  Aua le mana’ona’o fua le isi ile mea le isi.  And stop blabbing out scriptures for crying out loud you have done enough blaspheming already we do not want to hear anymore.

E.F.K.S. stand your ground and don’t waver, this tax is against our Christian values.  The Government has gone ahead and sold Samoa to China now they want to put the very people who are praying for the prosperity of this country in prison.  

All those who are in support and demanding that the pastors pay up, I say to you “E leai lava ma se tou feau!”  If you are not willing to stand up for your rights then don’t be a bully and try to hush people who are voicing their God given rights. 

I believe that not only the E.F.K.S but all pastors, priests whatever the denomination should not be taxed.  Instead of the people being angry towards the P.M. for selling us to China and putting us in a debt pit they are turning on the faifeaus who did nothing but do their services to God.  

Lock the faifeaus up?! Are you crazy, we should lock up the P.M. it’s his problem therefore the hammer should fall on his head.  Don’t try to demonise the church because of your failures Mr. P.M. and your pile of debt.  We would rather live in a country that is debt free than seeing all these big buildings (that you call development) and having to pay millions of tax money to avoid imprisonment.

I am appalled at the amount of taxing this government is racking up from the people. Tax for the faifeau, tax for aunty Sina’s lotto bonus, tax for uncle Simi’s fish (sold in front of the house), tax for the family bingo, tax for the village bingo, another tax on the t.v. bingo, tax for family bbq, tax for any kind of family fundraising…the only tax they forgot to put in place is the tax to go to the toilet!  So who is cheering for this P.M. and demanding that all people listen, shut up and do as he says…he is ripping everybody off!  

He speaks of development and family development and yet the little money that aunty Sina  and uncle Simi are getting from their bonus and selling fish to buy food for their children are being taxed by the government.  How the heck can the poor people survive when the government also want their money?!  The government wants everybody to suffer and be in debt like them, God help us.

And your precious Manu Samoa with all the money and effort you put into it so that they can muster a win for the century.  Are you blind?! They are cursed because of you and your tax.  

This Manu Samoa will not win another game unless the P.M. removes this tax from ALL pastors, priests and ministers of God.  If he is too proud to reverse this law then God will humble his fat arse to do so. 



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