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Re: China, Samoa and world economy

The Chinese have been cooking their books for a while too. They have revised their GDP to 6.5 which I think is way lower than what was previously reported. 

The whole fractional reserve system is fractured but they are holding it up with lower interest rates which I think it cannot be sustained. 

The world housing market is in a huge bubble with every fiat currency linking to the petro dollar is ready to pop. The question is; Who are the ones that will be standing holding the bag when this happens? 

The ones who have been using their homes as a bank to borrow from to live higher on the hog. There will be a lot of people that will be losing their homes and even those people living outside of Samoa but are investing in another huge bubble in Samoa will feel the pain when this happens. 

The housing melt down in 2008 will be no comparison of what is coming because there is no more tools in the tool box to fix this behemoth of a problem. 

The last time was a bail out, but this time it will be a bail in, meaning they will charge you negative interest rates on your savings account in the bank every month to bail their banking system out. 

The fractional reserve banking system created by the Cabal to enslave the masses has been instrumental in this highway robbery and yet we thought it was the norm, but only the initiated with eyes to see and ears to hear can see through the depth of deception and lies as far as the eye of the beholder can see.


Leituala Roger B.

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