A poor public servant writes

Dear Editor,

I read with surprise and very sad feelings about the rate of salaries within the public service in Samoa.  From the top to the bottom in general, it is very disturbing to find out the high salaries of officials at the top level compared to the lower levels. 

The top officials with high salaries also get the allowances of different types (transit, clothing, maintenance, travel etc..) while many others don’t. 

They are also allowed to use government vehicles after hours for their private and family work. They are also free to use the weed eater, the chainsaw, the mist-blower etc… at their own convenient time. I can tell you that their expenses per year are much more than the figures given on the Samoa Observer. I think the newspaper was very conservative and all those people making a big deal about it should ask as to why the newspaper brought those salaries forward.

To me, I am grateful that I am now aware of how much money we are spending on these people.

These same people completely have the freedom to select/pick or even nominate themselves or their gang members to attend trainings, workshops, symposiums and meetings anywhere in the world. Many of them only transit in Samoa.

Their motives sometimes are driven by the high allowance rates provided at these trainings, and the fact they have not been to a certain place before, family matters etc.

This is extraordinarily disgusting in my opinion. 

Some bosses like ours almost never miss a month on a travel mission, sometimes attend three meetings/trainings/workshops in one trip. These guys just go from one meeting to the next to collect allowances.

In my opinion, we are loaning money for developments but most of these aids monies are wrongly used and abused by the people at the top. 

They make policies to fit and benefit themselves so they are spending more and more while every one else – including the less paid public servants - are paying together. I did write about some of these before on the Samoa Observer.

Se’i seu le manu ae taga’i I le galu, o le a soona fai a ifea?



A very poor public 

servant doing the real work

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