Moved by sincerity, purity and intent

Dear Editor,

Re: Is this the future we want?

I must say, that I’m not always moved by any speech that I heard off or read about, because words have meanings and they reveal true feelings somewhere within those words are hidden intent or messages. 

But this speech by this simple matai from Sili Savai’i sure hit the core of my being, probably because there is purity of intent that the heart poured out in his speech and a firmly established convictions to fight for our country’s future and the generations of tomorrow without any personal gain but the satisfaction of helping our people. Well done, Mr. Fiu Elisara!

Prelude to the main focus of the speech was a revelation of humility, but yet unapologetic in your bold stance against corrupt amendment to the constitution and the harm that entailed if allowed to proceed with illegal and corrupt fleecing of our entire country. 

Thank you Mr. Fiu and those matais that are shouldering the burden that our entire country must share. 

“Development which does not improve the lives of the poor has no soul; one that impoverishes the environment has no vision; one that fails to empower individuals and communities has no anchor; one that fails to enlarge opportunities of people has no future!”

And may be one that robs his people has no heart, and one that sold his own country has no spirit.

“CRP supports these fears – government recognizes these dangers and is now proposing legislation amendments to address these concerns – require written consents of customary land owners before a leasehold interest could be mortgaged, protect the rights of customary land owners to refuse consent to an assignment of mortgages and to ensure moneys recovered by the mortgagees on a default would be applied to outstanding lease rents as a first priority.”

No wonder the former AG didn’t want to reapply for the job, his interpretation of this Land lease deal was for profit, and not for law and order. 

Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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