My hope for Samoa in 2018

Dear Editor,


Re: Prime Minister’s new year message 

Having watched the P.M.’s new year message on your website, it’s a pity the poor, sick and vulnerable 90per cent people of Samoa were not given a lifeline? 

All the P.M. was interested in within this speech; was giving an economic speech of what he thinks people needed to hear! 

There is no growth without honest and transparent policies made by honest and genuine people who care about Samoa as a country, and not as some commodity for the 10% rich within Samoa to further their personal wealth. 

God doesn’t deliver economic packages nor solutions for mankind; mankind delivers these self-centred economic, and soul destroying policies upon the vulnerable and blinded followers, who have nothing but promises to live by. 

Let 2018 be the year of the truth for Samoa, and whether the word of God is enacted within the H.R.P.P.’s economic and social policies for Samoa?

That is, not just Stui made promises of grandeur reserved, and benefiting only the ‘10% haves at the expense of the 90% have nots!’ 

Finally, God should be positioned as our guide to secular fulfillment; not our economic and social policy maker, whose name is used in vain by villainous and self centered imbeciles who sugar coat policies, that only deliver mass destruction for 90%Samoans! 

Hopefully, we get a 2018 that brings a new year filled with better economic and social policies and/or possibly total change of Government, that even God would be proud to put his name beside these economic and social policy maker!


Iona Tusa

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