The truth and those who are ready

Dear Editor,

Re: Religion and Samoa  


It’s the biggest conspiracy in history. 

The Zionist Jews with their Christian counterparts plagiarized history and corrupt the “word” which is based on the “Astro locos” create a real man from the story for profits. 

They deliberately rewrite history to give them the upper hand calling them gods people and yet they are Europeans from Khazar from mountainous regions of Russia. 

The blacks as well as us Samoans and all the indigenous people of the world are the original people on earth. I have written so many articles to enlighten our people about the truth only to be ignored because we’ve been indoctrinated too long by a system of slavery that we can’t think out of the box. 

The truth is slowly coming out and it will reveal to those that are ready to accept the truth. The Devine presence of the universe or in our reference “Ole silisiliese” is relevant to the almighty as no one has seen God for lack of a better term to address her/he. 

The only thing that described him or her is love, that if you do good to others, it will come back to you. Our culture represents that and it was ideal for the Zionist christians to deliver their message and was acceptable by our people. When you investigate the origin of where all these concepts started from, it will blow your mind of how little we know of the truth. 

Follow the money than you will find out that that was the bottom line of them going out of their sphere of influence to capture more land mass for empire domination. They are at the end of their rope as more and more people are awakened to this highway Robbery of our time and money and the poor will once again be recognized and be taken care of by a just and righteous system. Their scare tactics of waiting perpetually for someone to come and save us is a scam to keep us waiting for ever while they rob the world from resources. 

They know very well the cycles of the earth and we are at the end of an era not end of the world as they like us to believe. 

The believing era is over, the verification era just began and we are at the cusp of this new paradigm. 

With all do respect to those that might find this comment offensive. Great love to our people especially the poor and the destitute. Happy new year!


Leituala Roger B.

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