A real leader

Think a minute…A quiet, gentle man was reading a book on how to be a strong, self-assertive leader of his family.

After work he marched boldly into his home, pointed his finger in his wife’s face and said: “From now on, I’m the boss around here and my word is law! So fix me a delicious meal, and then you can draw my bath!

And later after I’ve eaten and finished my bath, guess who’s going to dress me?” His wife answered: “The mortician!” With that attitude, he clearly was not going to live either a happy or long life! He still did not understand what a real leader is.

People sometimes think of highly educated doctors and surgeons as being arrogant and superior. But the people who work for a heart surgeon named William DeVries disagree. They say that even though he is world famous for inventing the artificial heart, he chooses to continue being a humble helper at the hospital where he is the top doctor. He even helps change the bandages of patients—a nurse’s job.

His fellow doctors and nurses say he is the most humble and happiest person they know, who makes them happy to work for him. More than his great ability is his great humility that inspires them to become their best also. He is a true leader!

Remember: “No matter how high we rise, we started out at ground zero.” Even if you happened to be born into a rich and powerful family, you still were born a helpless baby like all of us. A true leader does not think he has “arrived” at a position for others to serve him. Instead, he knows he has been entrusted with power to serve and help others. This is why government leaders and ministers are called “public servants.” 

Being the head of the family means being the helper of the family. It takes a real man to put the needs of his wife and children first before his own, so they can become the best they can be. That is when a man becomes the best he can be. Being the leader of the family means responsibility, not ruling.

It means care, not control. And the greatest example of this is God Himself. Jesus could have forced the entire world to bow and serve Him, but instead He served us all and sacrificed His own life for us. Won’t you finally ask Him to start changing your heart with His real power and love? 

Then you can start becoming the true leader your family needs and God created you to be. Just think a minute… 

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