Eunike shares about what her family needs

By Aruna Lolani 21 August 2017, 12:00AM

Eunike Va’afa’i Finau from Afega tai needs help.

Not only does she need it for the welfare of her family but also for the plantation which is her main source of income.  

Without water, how can anything or anyone survive?

The 58-year-old pleads for just a water tank for the meantime because they cannot afford to pay for their own water yet.

Eunike is a mother of three kids.

“We have been staying here for about 8 months,” she said. “It was when my mother died that we decided to move back to our land here because my husband and I wanted to start our own plantation.

“As you can see, this land is huge and we couldn’t think of any place better than here to grow crops as many as we want.

“The work of our hands is starting to show if you take a look around…. And while that is all good we need water every day to ensure the crops will grow.”

Eunike works hard and age is nothing but a number to her. 

“This is what my husband did before he got sick.  Now I’ve taken over the plantation work because I believe women are just as strong as men despite my age. 

“I invested all that I had to start the plantation I now have.  “I know that this is good business because it helps us as another source of income,” said Eunike. Her eldest son just started working and he’s providing for their family’ financial needs. 

She told the Village Voice: “You know I want to do this kind of work and be an inspiration to my own kids. Lead by example that hard work pays off. 

“I want to give them something to hold onto and hopefully follow my footsteps and so they can work for what they need and not depend on others.” 

Eunike’s family does not have electricity; however that is not a problem for her family. 

“No one dies when there’s no electricity and I cannot say the same for the water problems we have.  “That is why water is important to us.

“In this neighborhood there are no problems except accessing the water system and that is why a water tank would be helpful.”

If you want to donate a water tank to Eunike and her family, please contact Samoa Observer at Vaitele on 23078.


By Aruna Lolani 21 August 2017, 12:00AM

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