Nothing wrong with abortions

Dear Editor,

Re: Voting for Trump 

Thank you for your letter. But no woman should tell another woman what to do with her body either. Especially when some religious, nut bar, woman like the writer of this post, who cant even prove her only argument for denying me my choice is based on some myth that there is a God and the Bible tells me God says its wrong tries to tell me what to do with my body. 

In my lifetime I have had two children and two abortions and I regret none of my choices. They were the right choices for me at those times in my life and thankfully I had safe legal medical procedures for all my four pregnancy choices.

So shut your stupid mouth about innocent babies being killed. 

I was a wonderful, loving, mother to my two innocent babies who are now beautiful grown men and I’m hardly a murderer because I choose to have two abortions because they were unwanted, unplanned, pregnancies at the time. 

My granddaughter is 16 and if she found herself pregnant I would encourage her to have an abortion and continue on with her dreams of being an animator. 

It’s not a risk though because my granddaughter has been raised by two very, strong, liberal minded, feminist, women, me and her mother, and she has no interest at this point in her life about being sexually active. 

When she is ready she knows she can come to either me or her mother and we would get her birth control. Lucky girl. She would have a lot harder of a time doing this with a child. 

What is so great about a teen mother with no opportunities raising a baby with no opportunities because they have a teen mother and are living in poverty. 

So stupid writer why don’t you go and help some of those teen mothers that you guilted into having babies instead of wasting your energy protecting unwanted foetus’. That would be more Christian of you.


Wendy Wonder

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