Samoans can still reverse the situation

Dear Editor,

Re: Don’t give what you can’t afford, Budget advisor cautions 

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with the Fa’asamoa. 

However there are ways to enjoy life at the same time enjoy the Fa’asamoa. Here is my observation with the Fa’asamoa nowadays.

The problem is, there is no limitation with how much you can give to weddings, funerals and title bestowing. 

Also there is no solid foundation on how families can prepare with situation like these Samoan life situation. Samoans always live in a moment when comes to fa’alavelaves. So my advice to all Samoans to reconsider their family plan and reverse these kinds of situation among Samoan people.

Yes we all love our Fa’asamoa, however, if it is too much of a burden in families then it is not a good thing. 

We all are living in a society now that we, are Samoans have personal bills to pay and personal life to live and everything cost money compare to those old days when the Fa’asamoa is a real McCoy. 

Meaning no money involve or less money to spend. Think for a minute people. Samoan people can reverse this situation into a better and happier situation for all. I have an idea for Samoan families to beat this problem but I will keep it to myself. There is always a way to make things more manageable in life when people are willing to try something new to help them out.


Moaga Nuusa

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