It’s time to stand up and act

Dear Editor,

Thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion about the future of Samoa.

Each culture and each race has a personal history. We are fortunate to have the record of histories of many indigenous peoples and the stories in great detail of their destruction. 

No Treaty with the American Indians was ever honoured but instead used to gain an advantage and lull the Native into a false sense of security.

Even our Constitution, which promises impartial justice to all has been ignored with the passing of many laws, which favour a few. 

Our Constitution strictly forbids the changing of the land holding system of our people without a 2/3 majority vote favouring change in parliament and a vote of all registered voters wanting change. 

Our Constitution says that unless this is done then any strategy whatsoever cannot take away or alienate Aiga land rights. Alienation of the land rights of even one individual is forbidden as is the alienation of the land rights of an Aiga group.

The PM has stated that children do not have rights but must look to their parents, who will decide everything. It follows that he also believes that individual Aiga members do not have rights but must look to their Sa’o. 

This view of his allows no protection for children or Aiga from abuse. 

In fact the HRPP strategy is to transfer the ownership of our ancestral land to the government with each registration of any customary land lease. 

By operation of law, forbidden by the Constitution, all Aiga land rights are absolutely destroyed and sovereignty or total control is passed on to the State. The person named on the Certificate of Title is totally dominated by the State and must pay taxes on that land forever if asked and do whatever the State wants done with that land.

All of this is criminal and is designed to shatter the fabric of Samoan Society so that all - land and people are owned. The State will own Samoans bodies and minds and charge rent or tax on all that Samoans have or do. The Church will stand by and allow this evil because its faifeau love money not the people. Money is the god of the Samoan Church.

The character of the HRPP is totally questionable. The members of the Cabinet and the PM are evil men. The Head of State believes that all he has to do is nothing but meet and greet foreigners. All of these men are responsible and must be made to pay for the betrayal of our people and our culture.

Clara Gray is holding a forum to discuss land issues in January in Auckland. If we are to save our people from utter devastation then we must act. We must unite.

Understand that we are involved in a class war in which a small group of people wish to take complete control of the land of all others and to permanently destroy the matai culture by ethnically cleansing our link to our ancestors through the land.

The highest form of land ownership is ancestral title and it will cease to exist and ownership of all land registered will pass to the HRPP government.

This is that defining struggle of our culture and our race. Stand up and act. We need mighty men and women, who are true leaders not like the yes men of the Parliament, who are all business men and women, small minded and only self-interested.

The PM and his friends must be made to answer for the fact that now foreigners are deciding by vote to support the removal of the ancestral rights of our people.

The personal property of all State officials from the PM down must be seized and they should be put on trial for acting unlawfully and with utter malice to destroy our nation. 

We must recover all monies secreted overseas by these despicable criminals in every tax haven and show the World that our ancestors and our unborn children matter to us. 


Maua Faleauto

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