Successful Mistakes

Think a minute…Neil Vanderbilt was spoiled—but he could afford to be. Starting at age 16, he had worked his way to the top and built one of the largest transportation empires in history. As one of the richest men in the world, Vanderbilt frequently ate at an expensive restaurant called the Moon Lake Lodge where many wealthy, powerful people went for fine dining.  

 Back in that era there was a new food from France called French Fries that was popular among rich Americans. One night Vanderbilt ordered some at the Moon Lake Lodge. But the cook, George Crum, had not yet learned how to make French Fries, so he cut them too thick. Vanderbilt complained and the waiter returned the fries to George telling him that Vanderbilt demanded that he cut the potatoes thinner. To keep his rich customer happy, George made some more. But Vanderbilt sent them back again with the same complaint that they were still too thick.

By now, George the chef was angry. So he decided he would teach his spoiled, demanding customer a lesson! He grabbed his sharpest knife and sliced the potatoes so thin they were like paper. Next he dipped them into boiling fat and poured heaps of salt on them. Then George himself personally served Vanderbilt these extremely thin, overcooked, over-salted potato pieces. But to his surprise, Vanderbilt liked them! In fact, George’s overcooked revenge on Vanderbilt later became a popular snack around the world: the potato chip.

Even if you get off to a bad start, it’s how you finish that counts. A successful man says: “Try fast. Fail fast. Learn fast.” The great car manufacturer, Henry Ford, put it this way: “Mistakes are simply the opportunity to start again with more knowledge and wisdom.” 

Jesus can help you turn your frustrations and failures into success. But you must first ask Him to take charge of your way of living. Just like you cannot expect a doctor to help you if you do not do what he says and take the right medicine as he directed. It is not until you start living Jesus’ way every day that He can start working everything in your life, even your mistakes, for your good and benefit. Just think a minute…

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