Hidden laws and way of the world

Dear Editor,

Re: Vaiusu chief airs concerns 

Stella, you are spot on with your assessment of what’s happening. There are a lot of hidden laws that are intertwined with the TPP that are not compatible with human rights declarations.

The signing of the Paris climate accord was also another hidden agenda law that will strip away a lot of freedom from sovereign nations. The customary land issues as well are directly the result of these agendas Stella, that is scary to say but are true.

I blame the majority of the people that are not engaged in educating themselves in things that matter most rather than things that matter least. I notice that if there’s an article that is written about rugby or football, the ratio of people reading it vs the one’s reading about things that we are advocating is 8 to 2. That’s why the establishment get away with a lot of things because the majority of the people don’t care.

I noticed something very symbolic that happened when President Obama landed in China for the G20 meeting last week. It was a clear indication that the new sheriff’s in town and was now in control. I was shocked in awe of how blatant it was of how this symbolism played out that most people missed but I picked it up. In the world of the o’cult of symbolism and hidden meaning of diplomacy, a mistake of this magnitude will never happen to a leader of the free world. But it was a deliberate mistake done by the Chinese to thump its nose to the only super power of the world by indicating in this mannerism that you are no longer relevant as a leader of the free world. 

When Obama landed at the airport, there was no stair case waiting for him. How in the world can something like this happen? China threw an extravaganza display of its power by an elaborate show and fireworks that was unbelievable. The IMF gave their blessing to China as the “new king of the hill.” Sept 30th when they will admit the yuan in the SDR basket of currencies that makes it 5 currencies for world trade, under mining the US predominant dollar as the currency of the past. Will just have to wait and see.


Leituala Roger B

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