Why people will continue to suffer

Dear Editor, 

Congratulations to Tu’ula Kilifi and his lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu for your win and for fighting for the truth – now the truth has prevailed. Malo lava le tau mo le mea moni. E malo foi lava le mea moni. 

For many a times I have criticized this Electoral Commissioner, Faimalo Mathew Lemisio and P.M. Tuilaepa. I have questioned their new Electoral law. Personally, think it’s corrupt. 

P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P deliberately changed the law so they can win the election to guarantee H.R.P.P a landslide victory and to wipe out the Opposition altogether in the process.  

This change in law was to make it easier for P.M. Tuilaepa to pass laws to meet the Chinese demands, which include the issuing of Citizenships to the first lot of 30,000 Chinese that come to Samoa; granting them equal rights to our Customary lands when they are bestowed with matai titles as the people of Samoa do have today and their many more demands.

The biggest question that everyone is asking now, how soon until a by-election is held now that Tu’ula Kilifi has been found innocent? 

The sooner the better, as a matter of fact, immediately will be great. 

These stupid electoral laws deny the rights of eligible candidates to contest seats and to win an election fairly and squarely. And why did the Electoral Commissioner represent himself in Court?

Now that we’ve received the outcome of Tu’ula’s case, what does it say now about all the other cases filed in Court and withdrawn by the abuse of the fa’asamoa before they made it in the presence of a Judge? 

Those cases were criminal matters that should have only been decided by the Courts, not by the village council, pulenu’u and the abused faasamoa who threatened the complainant with village punishments and exile if they were to go ahead with their claims.

Samoa is run by H.R.P.P who are nothing but a bunch of greedy people who don't care. They need to be investigated and dealt with. 

Once we do that, Samoa will then have hope for a better future. 

For now, the leaders and those who supported P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P’s behavour, will continue to suffer all the way to their graves and beyond.


Mebahel Raguel

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