The truth about the world economy

Dear Editor,

Re: Why the minimum wage should be $8

A very good point about the minimum wage being raised to compensate for the use of land. 

Economics and the whole capitalist system is designed to fail and create debt, so no matter what the minimum wage is raising it will only create inflation of goods to cover the extra expense.

We live on the blade of a double-edged sword not just here but everywhere. Capitalism is unsustainable, ask Greece! 

When everyone realises that our Central Bank in Apia is actually owned by the white men you should be speaking of, there will be mass confusion.

Imagine what will happen when people actually realise that these same men own nearly all the Central banks and dictate economic policy to our Government! Imagine what will happen when people also realize that the only people that benefit from the current economic policies are? 

Yes you guessed right the same guys that own the Central Banks! To top it off!! These guys actually print money out of thin air and loan it to “Our Government” just about all the Governments with interest. Long story short this economic system is centered around creating debt period.

So whew!! Either way we are all (--------) no matter what the minimum wage is, it is futile to complain about our wages PR Amy economic policy when the whole system is rigged to create debt for? Right again

Wake up and research the Federal Reserve plans of 1913 and go a little further to research who actually owns these Central Banks and even still further research who actually benefited from every depression, war and economic collapse. It has nothing to do with race, color or creed it’s all to do with 8 families having 90%+ of the worlds wealth, slavery and Greed.


Anthony George Williams

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