Adding my two and a half cents

Dear Editor 

There have been great thoughts that have been expressed earlier about the condition of the world we live in today. If I may, would like to add my two and half cents to the discussion if I can.

The world as we know today is not the world like we used to know when we were growing up. It’s a fast paced world with technological breakthroughs which are mind boggling to comprehend when Murphy’s law states that every five years the speed of the micro processors that comprised the brain or the ram of computers will double.

The execution of news and information from one part of the world to other parts is unprecedented to comprehend its effectiveness in providing real time information to the world just by the click of the mouse. Knowledge is power and with that power, information is more powerful. What we know now has been obscured from us for so many years that only the elite and the powerful had access to this information. The leveling of the playing field in knowledge and understanding has propelled us to search for answers and remedies of so many unanswered question we’ve been facing.

It’s fascinating to know just by the click of the mouse that you can find almost anything you want just by googling it.

I have done a lot of research on issues concerning questions I had that seemed like no one can answer, let alone swept under the rug because it is taboo to talk about it. 

I’m the type that really wants to know the truth about anything. I can handle the truth as long as there is hard core evidence to support it. So I’ll leave it right there because like what Savesamoa said some of his comments were altered or changed due to whatever reason. I know some of my comments were treated the same way but nevertheless I still trust that the integrity of your paper is still in the triple A ratings as compared to the U.S. media that is controlled by the Elites. I love learning about the truth because it’s the only way we can grow and become the “knowers” instead of the believers. 

We pose the questions: Why is the world is in the state that is in today? Why are governments of the world so corrupt? Why are the media not telling the truth? Why are churches saying that they have the truth but not the other churches? Why is there a lot of killing going on in wars between countries? Why are there Central Banks in every country? And who owns these Central Banks?

All these questions boils down to one answer, MONEY.

What is money?

Is it real?

Does it have value?

My inquisitive mind did some extensive research and the more I investigate, the more I find out that the “Emperor is butt naked” and lo and behold, I have come to the conclusion that nothing in this world works the way we think it does,”NOTHING.”

It sounds daunting but it’s the truth.I can write two volumes of books on the subject matter but for the sake of time, I’ll note a few to shed a little light on the issue. You might disagree with me but that’s o.k, we can agree to disagree agreeably.

Every suffering that is going on in today’s world is all about money. The real asset that without it, nothing is done and that is LABOR. Without labor, everything stands still. Paper money had value when it was pegged against gold, but when they took away the gold standard in 1972, it made the paper money worthless. “Fiat”money, created out of nothing “thin air”. In 1933 during the Great Depression, the world went bankrupt. Morgan Stanley together with other elite families bailed out the U.S. and limited the gold standard to the paper money until 1972 when they took it out completely. It was 1933 that the conspirators concocted another scheme to enslave mankind and that is monetizing YOU through your birth certificate granting you as a bond traded in the New York stock exchange. They are raking in millions by doing that. If you have estate and money they will label you as ‘preferred stock” and if you are an average Joe they label you as “common stock”. That’s the system in Europe and in the United States and countries with Central Banks. We Samoans have a central bank now. Mind you all these different banks like A.D.B., I.M.F.,W.B. are all investment banks tied all to the Federal Reserve and the banks of all banks, the International Banks of Settlements. The master banks of all. The system they created in the U.S. and elsewhere where their properties(land and houses) are taxed monthly and when they pay it off they will still pay taxes on it. Basically you don’t own anything.

That’s the system that is coming to Samoa my dear family. They are setting that system as we speak through the customary land deal of registration and title holders they’re trying to orchestrate. 

Have you ever noticed the influx of different countries to Samoa, setting up their embassies here. Why? So that they can get a piece of the pie from that emerging economy status Samoa just achieved. It’s all about money. They didn’t just come there just for the goodness of their hearts, the underlying motive is to capitalize on that emerging market status. The U.N. presence is “Papa” big Daddy overseeing the whole operation. That’s the reason those poor families are forced out of Sogi. When you peer behind the curtain, you can see the evil intent these bankers have with the help of the government.

Their monetary system is ready to collapse. Almost all the Central Banks in these countries are operating now in the negative interest rates. 

They tried to stimulate their economies, but the funny thing is, it’s not working. The Brexit was a smart move for Britain, it’s painful now but in the long run it will stabilize. The next shoe to drop will be Frexit. France is ready to call it quits and if that happens, the whole of the E.U. will go down and I don’t know if there’s anymore rabbits to pulled out of that “dusty” hat. 

To be continued with the other “whys”.


Leituala RB

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