“Tongue tamers”

Think a minute…Some big powerful horses can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Yet if you put a bridle and bit in its mouth, a little 90-pound girl, who knows what she’s doing, can make that big horse do whatever she wants!

But you know what’s even smaller than a bridle and bit, weighs only 2 ounces, yet can cause divorces and even wars between nations?  

Our tiny tongue. Terrible wars have been fought, killing millions of people, all because of the evil, destructive power of our tongue and words!

Gossip is probably the number one killer of relationships, even people’s jobs and careers. Someone spreads untrue, bad stories about another person, so they don’t get their job promotion. 

And longtime friends suddenly become enemies! All because one person could not control his or her tongue!  So your and my tongue has the power to ruin not just our life, but other people’s lives also. In fact, most of our life’s problems and pain start with our tongue - our dishonest or hurtful words, cutting people down so they don’t look better than we do!

But just think…if every one of us would use our tongue only to encourage and say positive things that make the other person look good instead of bad! If you and I would choose to always speak the truth, can you imagine how different life would be? 

Everybody would actually trust each other instead of being afraid that they’re only nice to your face. Because the minute you turn your back, watch out!

Some say the real test of a person’s relationship with God is not how clever and well he or she can speak, but rather how well our heart can control our tongue no matter what someone did to wrong or hurt us.  

So right now, won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for all the hurtful, destructive words you’ve said with your tongue?  Jesus said that’s the only way you and I won’t suffer because of all our wrong and hurtful words. 

So why not ask Jesus to take charge and start changing your heart and way of talking? 

He’s the One Who can give you the love and willpower you need to tame your tongue. Then you’ll start speaking only honest, loving words to bless others.  Just Think a Minute…

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