Police still in the hunt for ‘O.L.P.’ blogger

The Ministry of Police is still in the hunt for a blogger known as ‘O le Palemia’ and they seem to have few leads to follow.

At his weekly conference with the media last week, Police Spokesperson Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu raised the suggestion that the blogger could be someone from within the Ministry.

“The reason why I say this is because nobody can understand the language that is used within the Ministry except for a police officer themselves,” he said.

“That’s the thing,” he said

Su’a spoke out strongly in regards to a report about a woman who was said to be in custody over the Facebook page.

“Just to set the record straight, we haven’t found the “O.L.P.’ blogger,” he said.

“The woman who was in custody, is not being charged with the O.L.P. matter but on a different matter.

“We are still investigating the matter about the blogger but as for the woman, she is being charged with some of the words that she used on Facebook under the Crimes Act 2013 Section 219.”

During the press conference the media asked Su’a about the case of Bere Isopo.

“I read the comments made by that lady “Storia” and I can say that she didn’t say anything bad on Facebook,” said reporter, Marieta Ilalio.

“The comments she made were general and to me it was like she was advising the police and yet you guys charged her and held her in custody?

“Compared to the case of Bere Isopo who is first of all a police officer, she was in her uniform at the time and she publicly said some really nasty and disgusting things on social media and yet she is still working as a police officer.

“I mean she has not been suspended but the things she said on social media were just too much and so now you are holding a woman in custody who did not say a swear word and she is not the OLP blogger.

“So how come this woman has been treated like this when a police officer is still working and yet she has said some things that were worse?”

Su’a then went on to say that while he agreed with what some of the media were saying however investigations are still continuing over the case of Ms. Isopo.

 “I will raise the issue and your concerns with the leader of the Professional Standards Unit in an update of this matter.”

Moreover Su’a said that in any matter, it is only if there is enough evidence against an accused that the Police officers can suspend or hold someone in custody.

“That is what is happening and I can say that when the police officers have enough evidence or enough witnesses in regards to a matter, that’s when the police can hold someone in custody or suspend anyone,” he said.

“But leave it to me, I will follow this up with the P.S.U.

“But that is what I want to confirm. That we have not found anyone in regards to O.L.P. and the woman who was in custody was charged on a different matter.”

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