Thank for having the courage

Dear Editor,

Thank you Fiu Mataese for that wonderful paper published on the Sunday Samoan. It’s imperative that we speak the truth in any matter regardless of the inconvenience our positions may be, but rather to convey it through the vibrational frequency of light and truth with stand alone principles and facts that can never be debunked by any critic or pundit.

The land issue is a serious matter and our people need to understand its’ consequences if not resolved. I have voiced my concerns through this medium quite often now with the climate change initiatives that I think is a political tool used by the elites of the world to enrich themselves rather then what it was previously envisioned as a testament in helping the poor nations around the world. 

The one world control is a real threat to our sovereignty and its evident by the mass changes in geopolitics and macroeconomics that we are witnessing around the world and in our own country.

The climate change is a real phenomenon dated way back in historical times that the world goes through these changes every 2000 years and most importantly, we just went through a full complete 360 degrees of precession of equinoxial alignments called the “Great Year” according to Plato. 

In the scriptures, it’s called the ‘end times’. It’s not a correct interpretation according to others as the end of the world. It’s the end of an era. We were in Pisces (Christianity) for the last 2000 years, now we are in the end times of an era, not the end of the world. We are now in the house of Aquarius. 

The man pouring down water to symbolically awaken the people on earth, they’ve been sleeping for the last 2000 years. It’s called consciousness awareness.

Why am I mentioning this? It’s very important from a stand point of reference to acknowledge this because the elites of the world knows this and the people of the world have no clue of all this because this knowledge was never taught in school. 

The earth goes through cycles and everything in this world goes through cycles. We have business cycles, seasonal cycles, life cycles, recessional cycles, history repeats itself cycles, etc. It’s a pattern that is written in the heavenly bodies(macrocosm) that dictates how things on our planet(microcosm) must react to it with knowledge and understanding. if we lack that knowledge, we can easily be mislead by any institutions that know this knowledge with their clear motives of taken advantage of it at our expense.

I salute you Dr. Fiu for standing on principle rather then yielding to take the side of the establishment because you are an ethical person with well intact integrity. “Principles are simplicities in the far side of complexities.” 

It may sound simple but it’s hard to do. You can easily go with the crowd where the money is, but you chose to do the right thing as an advocate of our people in shining the light of where the truth is. It is hard to find a true character like yourself in Samoa anymore because our leaders have been bought and sold by these greedy Banks with their Corporate interest. 

If you weigh the pros and cons on this issue, the cons outweigh the pros because any improvement in Samoa that compromises our land is not a good deal. These banks are famous around the world where indigenous people’s land has been used as collaterised assets for developments where they can’t pay back these loans and they’re stuck with the bill.

Thank you for your undying patriotism for the preservation of our land, our culture and our way of life for our generations to come in the future and hopefully we can still do something about it and not behind the eighth ball so to speak. With great admiration of your great work!


Leituala Roger B

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