Mr. nice guy

Think a minute…Bram Stoker was a successful theatre manager in England during Queen Victoria’s time. Everybody who knew him said he was the most easy-going, kindest man they knew.

Bram’s wife, Florence, was a beautiful woman who had been courted by wealthy men of high social status, including the famous Oscar Wilde.

But she chose to marry this exceptionally kind gentleman, Bram Stoker.

The Stokers were seen at all the high-society parties and important events. Later, when their child was born people said their marriage and family was perfect.           

Bram Stoker continued to be known as Mr. Nice Guy. He often gave money to his friends without even asking for anything in return. Bram and his wife had many famous friends like Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, and the President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt. No one ever suspected that this nice, kind man actually lived a double life.

They didn’t know that at night after work and all his proper, social appearances, Bram Stoker became someone else. In fact, he was also a writer.

You see, he wrote the famous story, Dracula, based on his own real life at night, and all the evil things he did with prostitutes. Bram Stoker, this nice man by day and immoral monster by night, eventually died from the sexually transmitted disease of syphilis.  

You know, Jesus Christ said that there are many nice, religious people who live double lives. They do all the good, right things on the outside for people to see, but inside they’re proud and live their own way for their own immoral pleasures.

But even if we fool people, we can never fool God. Jesus said every human being needs His gift of forgiveness, because we’ve all done many things wrong. Jesus also said that we all, including nice, religious people, need His power to change our proud, wrong hearts and character.

That’s why God the Son had to become a human being: being:  to die and pay the penalty for all our wrongs. It was the only way we could be forgiven by our perfect Maker and start a new life living His way.

So won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you and help you start changing today? Jesus will give you real satisfaction and peace, and the power to live His right way both in public and in private, night and day every day. Just Think a Minute!

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