‘Get out of comfort zones’

11 February 2016, 12:00AM

PR - On paper, the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s 2014-2017 Corporate Plan is more than impressive, says Chief Executive Agafili Shem Leo at the launching of the document this week.

“But the daunting challenges that lie ahead is the implementation phase,” said Chief Executive urging the 90 plus MPMC staff to work as a unit.  

“It’s a living document to guide us in our journey as a Ministry,” advocated the Chief Executive stressing the high expectations demanded by the Public.

“Our stakeholders and our people will not reap the fruits of the Corporate Plan unless we are united and committed to meet the plans’ targets and objectives.”

He added that the plan is not to be treated “as colourful office decorations.”

 “I reiterate again and again. Our Corporate Plan is screaming for team work, connection and interdependence and a lot of tolerance and patience if we are to realise our common mission and that’s to serve our people to the best of our God-given abilities.”

“The vital ingredient is team work because united we stand, divided we will fall.”

 “It is useless and a waste of taxpayers’ monies if we cannot even satisfy the expectations of our public to deliver what is prescribed in our corporate plan,” he continued.

“Our two year effort to compile this vital document which lays out our mission statements, priorities and targets would be futile if we cannot deliver,” advocated the Chief Executive

 “It’s nothing new and I encourage our section heads to lead as good examples for staff to follow.

“Above all, never lose faith and with God’s blessings, everything is possible.  

“There is also the saying that if there is a will there will always be a way.”

 “Most importantly, now is not the time to praise ourselves but to work together as a unit and a Ministry to reassure our government leaders and our people that transparency and accountability is very much alive in our Ministry.”

Agafili also recalled that unlike past corporate plans, the new directive re-enforces a bi-yearly review of individual staff performances as reflected by the mandate for performance agreements.

“The performance agreements is a binding contract for individual staff to perform up to standard otherwise there are repercussions and severe actions dictated by the Public Service Act.

“Your fate as public servants with the Ministry is in your hands.

“That’s why it’s imperative that we push and challenge ourselves as public servants to be brave by getting out of our comfort zones and initiate positive changes that will improve the Ministry’s services to the general public.”

As one of the three Central Government Agencies, MPMC plays a leading role in coordinating policy development throughout the whole of government.

MPMC also coordinates the monitoring of Cabinet’s policy decisions and provides to Cabinet quality policy advice from the whole government perspective.

Under the Ministry’s umbrella includes the Immigration Division, the Samoa Recognised Seasonal Employees Office, Corporate, Cabinet Secretariat, the Savali Newspaper and Press Secretariat.

From 2014 to 2017, MPMC’s Vision is;

“To take the leading role in providing quality advice and service to Prime Minister and Cabinet to promote good governance, policy coordination and implementation in-line with national strategic goals.”

11 February 2016, 12:00AM

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