Get to know the Bible and begin a relationship with God

Dear Editor,

Re: Folau cops flak in Samoa 

Wendy Wonder, the ironic thing about everything you say is that you’re doing exactly the same, just that you don’t see it. 

You argue about the things written in the Bible as if you understand what exactly they mean when it is obvious that you don’t, so it is best that you seek to know about it first before you even talk about it. 

Now, how do you get to know something? Dig into it with all your heart, mind and soul and with the goal of getting to the bottom of it - same is done about everything else one wants to know.


With the Bible and its God, you will know Him by carefully studying Him and entering into a ‘personal relationship with Him’, by believing in His Son Jesus Christ and walking and doing what He says - all of these you will get to know and understand in the Bible.

To ‘know’ your own parents, friends etc you have to be in a ‘relationship’ with them to really know who they are, what they are like, what they do not like, how they react in difficult circumstances, or in any situations etc, that’s knowing them. 

The same is with a wife and a husband - they first learn about each other though hearing about each other, maybe reading and researching about each other on media, then talking to each other, then entering into a ‘relationship’ with each other through courting and then marriage, only then that they can say that they ‘know’ each other. 

This is what the Bible meant to ‘know’ God. So, once you know that you ‘know’ God and the Bible, then you can talk about it, dispute it etc because even if we give you evidence of it now which is plenty, it will be of no use, simply because you just don’t know.



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