They‘re back for Samoa

By Aruna Lolani 18 July 2017, 12:00AM

Samoa is not only known for its’ beautiful scenery but also its friendly people and that is why school teachers Rachael Carson and Celia Costelloe from New Zealand keep coming back.

Two years ago, the women visited our country and fell in love with Samoa.

This time, they brought with them a group of school kids from New Zealand for a tour on the islands. 

The Samoa Observer approached Rachael and Celia yesterday while they were touring the Samoa Cultural Village at the Samoa Tourism Authority compound.

They were living the hot and humid weather.

“We’re travelling with the school groups and we’ve got them organized running around town at the moment,” they said. 

“We’ve been here before but the students haven’t so we’re going to Leulumoega and we’re going to spend a few days there.” 

“So after lunch we will be visiting Paul VI College at Leulumoega.”

Social Studies teacher Celia, 53, from Dillmanstown, West Coast said the main reason why she brought the kids here was to give them an opportunity to experience the Samoan culture.

“It’s a cultural experience for the kids because you know we live so close in New Zealand so it’s good for them to come here and experience the culture and they are experiencing this life big time.”

“We love the lifestyle and the culture.”

“We will also do some touristy things as well, you know we got ten days here and we plan to go to Lalomanu, maybe spend two to three nights there; you know so the kids can learn about the tsunami and things like that so it’s quite interesting.”

 “I actually like Samoa just like the way it is now and we like the people and the food also.”

Both teachers enjoy eating chopsuey, luau (taro leaves and coconut cream) especially oka as Rachael described the taste of this Samoan dish as “Yum.”

She added “I’m planning to come back on October and I’m not going to bring students with me next time maybe just friends and this will be my third time.” 

English teacher Rachael Carson, 43 from Ranfurly, New Zealand said that she loves and admires the Samoan culture as well, the sea especially the people. 

“I think my best memory back then of Samoa is its people and the schools; the school kids are so good.” 

“You know back then we stayed with one of the families at Lalolmanu and they were very kind to us.”

“Samoan people’s personalities are very friendly, laid back, easygoing, helpful, and very accommodating and nothing’s a problem.”

“Nothing’s changed, well the airport is different now but it’s still a beautiful building and it looks really nice.”


By Aruna Lolani 18 July 2017, 12:00AM
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