A warning for Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Tuilaepa’s speech at A.C.P. meeting in P.N.G.

Great speech to a certain extent. First of all, what is the P.M. trying to sell to the A.C.P.? Is he the U.N. rep that is trying to convince these people to submit their will to the U.N. agenda?

If you read the article in its entirety, there are coded words or lingo that might suggest otherwise. The global agenda which is orchestrated by the elites under the mandate of the U.N. to bring all nations under their control has to have something more significant to justify their actions: Climate change is one of them. The carbon foot print tax that will be inevitable when all that is said and done will be implemented, no more borders between countries leading up to one global economic ruling class and one world order.

We are slowly morphing into something that we never experienced before.

If you're conscious enough to ask questions, you might be able to see through the veil of obscurity and what’s happening behind the scenes.

Our own livelihood in Samoa has been threatened. There are U.N. sponsored organizations that are taking the role of village matais and our govt. You people don't see that?

The customary land issues has been threatened, the whole other issues are at stake and yet all of you are silent about it, I'm dumbfounded by the ignorance of the issues our people have.

Wake up and be counted. Be like great men who came before us like Lauaki Namulau'ulu and those that represented Samoa during the Mau movement. They stood fast upon knowing that Samoa should be governed by our own people.

Now they're back to finish what they didn't before.

Only this time, they want it all. They found their right guy to do the job. The never ending spending of money we don't have mortgaging the future of Samoa to the bankers of the world to do developments we don't necessarily need. Ruling Samoa with an iron fist knowing that his western partners will cover his back. Changing Samoa's system to align with his agenda. The judicial System is under his control, the whole "nine yards" of control is now under him. The thriving outside Corporations are ripping our people off from expensive services they can't afford, like cell phones, electricity etc.

The western way of life hasn't proven anything better to us other then getting us sick from their food we eat, greed, self centered, ignorance etc.

In the early 1900's, you never saw a fat Samoan, they were ripped with six packs abs. What now? There are more obese Samoans from the junk they're selling us. Their plagiarized religion they gave us and their "book" that was taken from the "book of the dead" in Egyptian mythology.

There are more resources out there that can substantiate my claim.

Do your own due diligence to find out the truth.

Then again most people can’t handle the truth. What if they find out what they believed all along were lies and deception? They might break down and become delusional. Truth is the only way that will set us free. 

Be vigilant in safeguarding our way of life so we can preserve our almost lost identity. God is the culture of our people, it's in us the Christ within, love unconditionally, consciousness to know thyself to do good to others as you expect others to do unto you. 

Great love for our people.


Leituala R.B

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