Total revulsion at cockroach discovery

Dear Editor,

Re: Cockroach horror 

I think we all have read the above title in the Samoa Observer 07/06/16. 

The word total revulsion came to my mind the moment I read that horrifying news. Nine years have passed since my article: Food Expert Says: “Unhygienic Conditions Widespread in Samoa” that appeared in the Samoa Observer on 16/03/07.

What has the M.O.H. done, in all this time, to improve the horrible unsanitary conditions in which our food is prepared and sold to the Samoan consumers?  

On 05/12/15 what was supposed to be a Food Act 2015 was passed and launched a year later (12/05/16). It tells us nothing of substance, other than  “to have in place strong and effective response mechanisms.” 

As an expert in the Food Safety field, I thoroughly refuted this weak and ineffective approach. I suggested the M.O.H., once and  for all take full responsibility, entrusted to them, to closely monitor all phases of our food preparation. 

A scientifically based approach is the way to go, everything else is just a waste of time. That I strongly recommended.

What happened on 07/06/16 (Cockroach horror) is not, by any means, an isolated case. Hundreds of keke pua’a are being manufactured and distributed not only to the schools but also to whoever wants to buy them on the streets of Apia. 

The cost of production is definitely cheap. What Ms. Italian Tavita, Year 7, of the Vaimoso Primary School did is highly commendable, and followed by her concerned mother, who reported the incident to the newspaper right away.

But this scenario of the cockroach in the food can happen so easily in Samoa when we look at most places where such food is prepared. I am sure if you can find one cockroach, common sense tells you that there are a multitude of them waiting to make their appearance in a keke pua’a.

My question is: What the Division of Health Protection and Enforcement  (H.P.E.D.) of the Ministry of Health is going to do? Respond and recall?

As far as cockroaches are concerned, there were two more cases that I reported. One on 20/08/08 “Cockroaches in our food?” and “Food court does it again!” on 08/04/09. 

Are we expecting more Mr. Minister of Health?

Orlando Huaman


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