Obstacles or Opportunities

Think a minute…In the 1930’s, Jesse Owens was a world-class athlete in track and field. Yet he was told that because he was black, an African-American, there was no way he could beat the white, Nazi German athletes. 

Well, the 1936 world Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany. The racist Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, was there. He refused to even look at the African-American Athletes! Jesse Owens and the other American athletes were booed and laughed at while all the Nazi German athletes were cheered and praised on the field. But Jesse didn’t worry about Hitler’s cruel, evil prejudice against him. Jesse just stayed determined and focused on his dream and goal. 

Jesse made mistakes in his first 2 long jumps. Yet He still didn’t let that discourage or stop him. Then, on his last jump, Jesse won! In fact, he also won the other 3 events he competed in. So Jesse Owens came home to America with 4 Olympic Gold Medals! You see, he had the courage and commitment to keep going no matter what happened or how others hurt him! 

There is a Japanese Proverb which says:  “If you fall down 7 times, simply stand up 8 times!” We all fail and fall down! That’s fine. It’s only when we stay down and just lie there that we disgrace and shame ourselves. Just because you lose sometimes does not make you a loser! 

The famous inventor Thomas Edison said:  “Many people who failed in life didn’t know how close they were to success when they gave up!” So when problems and challenges come your way, even when you fail, it is still your choice to keep going and reach your goal. You still can live the life you want. 

This is why we need Jesus Christ to give us the courage and willpower we need to never give up and stop moving toward our goal. If you will ask Jesus to take full charge of your heart and life, then you can have the inner strength and power of God Himself to keep going to matter what problems you face or how many times you fail. Just Think a Minute

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