Congratulations to the N.C.C.

Dear Editor, 

May I start herewith congratulating our National Council of Churches (N.C.C.) for their 50th Anniversary celebrated last week on Thursday. It was quite unfortunate with the heavy rain that prevented most of the invited guests from attending. Nevertheless the celebration took place as planned, starting out with an ecclesiastical ceremony conducted by its most reverend Chairperson le Afioga Leaupepe Deacon Dr. Kasiano concluding with the Samoan customary presentation of gifts after a good meal. 

His Highness, the Head of State together with Mr. Prime Minster were the only government representatives who made it. 

And I was contented with couple of incidences on that morning which I wish to mention; first, with our Prime Minster friend’s key note address declaring that the government is currently considering amendments to our Country’s Constitution focusing on article 11 - Freedom of Religion. 

For they are foreseeing possible terrorist uneasy situations with the number of refugees mainly in the Middle East due to ISIS Religious acts which are definitely non-Christian.

 Secondly the revised method of the Samoan customary gifts presentation adopted by the council executive where I hope all the member churches will follow suit on their future similar situation.

Then with Mata’afa Keni Lesa’s editorial - Friday 13th May to which I see him being positive as ever most definitely he was inspired by Legendary Vaimasenuu Zita Martel’s facebook blog post. 

Again, a sure sign of power in the media but of course it can go either way the need of watchful uttered notion hence my wish herewith enlightening on our friend Mata’afa’s concerns.

I do admire his metaphoric comparison of Samoa to a powerful (747 jet) machine capable of endless possibilities yet Pilot-less. However his following comments; quote ‘So where do we get a pilot from? And how do we go about finding a pilot? The answer is simple. You are the pilot, I am the pilot, we are the pilots of our own destiny. As proud Samoan people, we need to stand up and get this beast off the ground and up to where it really should be. When we sit down and consider what is available, the challenges and the reality on the ground, you would agree with me that there is potential in this country. Socially, economically, spiritually, we have it all’, end of quote, need enlightenment. 

I also approve our friend’s notion regarding the much potential in Samoa and wondering how much priority he had in himself with his ‘Matai Samoa’ status comparing to our Prime Minster friend. 

Even more, of how much ‘faithful’ is he compared to Mr. Prime Minister? 

Sunday 15th May, marks the 2016 Anniversary of God’s Mystical Body since its inception, hope our editor friend and you all, Samoa are aware of such truth?

 The day commemorated as when Christ’s Advocate arrived empowering his Apostles and its early followers as promised (Gospel John 14:15-30 then John 20:19-23). No doubt our sacred nation - Samoa, had inspired with its original and inspired katholikos kerygma since then and up to nowadays. 

However I wouldn’t expect a faithful person to wish for us Samoa to be proud - unnecessarily, instead we do it with thankful hearts out to our forefathers’ boldness declaring our nation to be founded on this living God – the Trinity one of course. That living God whom we have been told who ’willingly incarnated’ into this life and ‘lived his life to the full’. 

Such fullness leads him to a ‘freely inhumane suffering’ and ‘worldly death on the cross’. The same one whom we had been told of ‘getting resurrected from the dead’ then ‘ascended back into heaven’ after ‘promising the Holy Spirits (his advocate) arrival’ to which we are celebrating his Anniversary today.

And we are now ‘awaiting his Parousia’. Believe it or not Samoa he had forever remained faithful to his ‘wishful promise’ of being with us his entire created human race till end of times as evident with much potential we now witness on ground as rightly referred to by Mataafa.

In oneness with him as proclaimed in his Mystical Body’s teaching of the word this Pentecost Sunday wonder how you may feel with my recommendation to have our brother, friend and Lord Jesus Christ to be our Pilot? Should you agree then we will for sure command this beast to where it should be - fulfilling his divine wish via our individual - yet united, command through him. What do you think? 

As to you all our Samoan Christian ‘reverend’ friends, I wish we wait with prayerful and thankful hearts on the relevant amendment to our country’s constitution undertaken by our -100% Matai Samoa, government for they are rightly doing their part according to God our Country’s founders will. 

Wonder whether you are aware of your obligation needed fulfilled, i.e. assuring the world that Jesus Christ (a sure genuine stuff as recently declared through our nation’s own daughter Toaipuapuaga - stigmata phenomena) had sent by/from ‘Allah - our Daddy’, by staying and seen in ‘total unity’ with him in his readily available Peace and Harmony. Happy Jubilee Samoa. 


Atalii fanau le au’ a le loomatua Taufusi

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