Make the most of your assets

Think a minute…Steve Morris was different than the other children. But he did not want to be different. He wanted to be just like everyone else so they would accept and like him. Yet while Steve just wanted to be ordinary, he had a teacher who gave him the courage to be extraordinary.

When Steve was 9-years-old, his wise school teacher used a small gray mouse to teach Steve an unforgettable lesson that would change his life. Suddenly in the middle of teaching, she stopped to listen. “What’s that? she asked the children. “Who’s making that noise? I hear scratching. It sounds like a mouse!” The little girls screamed. Some of them even jumped up onto their chairs.

The teacher asked Steve to help her find the mouse. Everyone got quiet. They watched Steve as he turned his ear toward the floor to listen closely. It only took him a moment to hear where the mouse was hiding, and he pointed to the corner behind a bookshelf. “The mouse is over there! I can hear him!” Steve said excitedly. The teacher ran to look, and sure enough he was right! Steve Morris, who had been blind from birth, had found the mouse. The whole class learned that Steve had an amazing hearing ability that helped compensate for his blindness. But most importantly, Steve himself discovered his own special gift of listening.

Years later his special gift gave music and enjoyment to millions around the world. But it all began that day in school when Steve Morris learned his teacher’s life-changing lesson with a mouse. From that day forward Steve Morris was called Stevie Wonder, who became one of the most successful pop singer-songwriters of all time.

A wise mother always taught her children to make the most of their assets. She told them: “Be confident in your own natural abilities. Use what you have, don’t keep wishing for what you don’t have.” So doesn’t it make sense to ask the One Who gave us our natural abilities to show us what they are? If you ask Him to take charge of your heart and way of living every day, Jesus will enable you to start making the most of your assets and start living the successful, satisfying life He designed you to enjoy and use for others. Just think a minute…

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