An open letter to the management of Bluesky

Dear Mr. Abraham, 

At the outset I wish to express my serious annoyance at the behaviour your company seems to be engaging in. 

Before your company took over these services from Government, I had been a customer all my adult life. And this continued when your company took over until sometime a few months ago when I severed all services from your company. At the time, I had your land line, broad band and Moana TV services. 

Having been suspicious of your billings and dissatisfied with your services over a long time, I finally decided to cancel them. By letter your company asked If I could explain my reasons why, but having done that numerous times before without lasting positive results, I could not be bothered. 

However, at the persistent insistence of my son, I allowed recently reconnection of your land line service only. And not to my surprise, your company’s billings are still a reality. Your charges for billing period 21/12/2016 to 20/01/2017 gives total current charges of $23.77, but gave the amount to be paid as $23.74.On 28 February 2017, we paid $93.30 your Receipt MFOLOC0022820170100001. According to your poor quality receipt with its contents fading away quickly to near unreadability, the balance due is $0.01.

Then according to your charges for billing period 21/01/2017 to 20/02/2017, the previous balance still due was $23.74 and the total current charges are $69.57, so the total amount due then was $93.31. So on 27 March 2017 we paid $93.40 your Receipt 8020030174988.

Then according to your charges for billing period 21/01/2017 to 20/03/2017, the previous balance still due was $0.01. That the land line charge is $56.63, the broad band charge is $64.57, and the VAGST charge is $18.18, making the total current charges $139.38 and the total amount due as $139.39.

Then according to your charges for billing period 21/03/2017 to 20/04/2017, the previous balance still due is $45.99 and the new charges are $85.14 for land line, $86.09 for broad band, and $25.68 for VAGST, making the total current charges $196.91 and the total amount due as $242.90.

Now my question to you is why is your company charging me for broad band services which you don’t supply to me? Because it seems to me you have over charged me an estimated $186.02 so far for a service another company supplies to me. 

Needless to say, this situation is extremely disturbing and certainly leaves much to be desired. I therefore look forward to hearing from you regarding this whole matter and learning what corrective measures you are taking with regard to this situation, at your earliest convenience. 

Yours faithfully, 


Tupuola G. S. Hunt 

P.O. Box 297, Apia, Samoa 


P.S: While I am writing this to you, I may as well mention that my land line is currently totally dead and does not work and has been so for about 3 days. So today I reported it to a woman. She told me that she does has put in a report and that someone may come today to check the problem. 

I stayed home to await a call or the arrival of someone from your company, but no one called or came. I wasn’t really surprised because in the past this had been a persistent and typical problem, and it wasn’t uncommon to take days and even up to a week before help came.

My concern with this situation is that I am paying for a service and when that service stops through no fault of mine, I should not have to pay for such non-service time. Such non-service time should be deducted from my bill accordingly.

However, throughout your company’s years, this has never been done. This had also been the case with your Moana TV and broad band. These were some of the reasons I cancelled your services.

It would be interesting if all this would be looked at thoroughly from a legal point of view in a proper legal setting. Regarding my current land line situation, I shall wait to see how long it will take to get it fixed. 


ED’s NOTE: The letter was forwarded to Bluesky last week for a comment. Bluesky responded to say they were working with the unhappy customer to fix the problem. Yesterday, Tupuola confirmed that Bluesky had been in contact but the problem was still not fixed. He wanted this letter published to inform other customers who might be going through the same problem.

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