Lonely little girl

Think a minute…This is a true story about a famous woman whose mother’s name was Gladys.

Gladys was a beautiful woman who was instantly attracted to a handsome man named Edward who rode a motorcycle.

Edward and Gladys soon became lovers. But when Gladys told Edward that she was pregnant, Edward got on his motorcycle and rode out of town and out of her life forever. Gladys and her daughter never saw him again.

For years, Edward continued riding in and out of women’s lives. His “love ‘em and leave ‘em” lifestyle left a trail of broken hearts, including Gladys and her lonely little girl—who never met her dad. But eventually, Edward began to feel guilty and haunted by his failure as a husband and father.

He could not forget his little girl he had abandoned and deeply damaged. What would she grow up to be? Would she become like him? Always searching for love, leaving behind her a string of broken hearts? Edward would never know the answer.

One day while he was riding out of another woman’s life on his motorcycle, Edward had a head-on collision with a car and was killed. His motorcycle was shattered in pieces. He was buried in a simple, poor man’s grave, almost totally forgotten…even though he was the father of the most famous movie star in the world then, and Hollywood legend still today.  

Sadly, Edward’s little girl grew up to be like her father whom she never met. Even after Edward was dead and gone, his trail of broken hearts continued on through his lonely little girl. For his daughter by Gladys would also go through life alone, looking for love, even though she was loved by millions around the world as Hollywood’s glamour girl: Marilyn Monroe.

In fact, shortly before her tragic death by a drug overdose at age 36, Marilyn Monroe said: “I belonged to the world because I never really belonged to anyone.”

Maybe you never really knew your father, or you grew up in a family where you did not feel fully loved, accepted, and approved. But the fact is you actually have been loved all of your life by your true Father Who gave you life: God. Even though you rebelled and ran from Him, He loves you just as much as He loves all of His other children.

In fact, each of His children is His favorite! Only He has that kind of complete and unlimited love.

Today, won’t you finally come home to Him and ask His forgiveness? Ask Him to come in to change your heart and life, so you can finally have the security of His unfailing love through your daily, personal relationship with Him.

Just think a minute… 

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