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Dear Editor

Re: Looking in the mirror, Samoa!

What are you saying? Samoans are liars, cheaters, thieves and one gas station is over charging people 10-15% more? Basically you’re saying dishonesty is one of those “underlying problems”? 

I can’t force people to tell the truth but I can suggest stupid palagis and Samoans turn their discernment radar on. That means being able to read people. Look them in the eye and say, “Are you being honest?”. 

I always look at receipts and I remember going to Ah Liki to buy a box of chicken for $48.00 tala and a week later the price went up to $54.00 tala. 


I didn’t jump to a conclusion that I was ripped off as I had read a report that the price of chicken has raised. There are some factors to key in like inflation and of course getting ripped off. 

Redemption I don’t believe in and sin is targeted towards Christians who came up with the concept. Basically if Samoans don’t lie and cheat then we’d be all right with you. Is that what you’re saying Mr. Stupid Palagi?


michael uhila

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