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Dear Editor,

Re: Deaths force govt to reconsider 

New Zealand has been talking about ending this programme and get New Zealanders back to work and now the PM acts like he cares about the death of two Samoans. 

I call BS on this political spin. If the PM cared about the lives of Samoan people he would protect small family businesses run by Samoans, he would address child poverty and help street vendors and their families, he would invest in good education and pay teachers so that this would attract good ones.

He would invest in health, he wouldn’t sell the country to any foreigner waving cash, he wouldn’t covertly change laws, he would create employment for Samoans in Samoa, not create employment for Chinese labour, he would make sure Samoan people have access to water.

He would let Samoans build solar powered homes and allow them to return extra energy they produce back to the EPC grid for credit, he would stop using Samoans hard earned money to fund his relative’s boxing career.

Shall I go on? 

Sorry Mr PM big brain no one with half a brain believes that rubbish. 

You do not care about the lives of your people. 

NZ is ending the program because unlike you, the government of NZ is accountable to its people.



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