Justice for All

Think a minute…Ever feel like it does no good to be good? The saying seems true: “No good deed goes unpunished.”  You work hard, you are honest, kind and generous, yet you do not get the success you feel you have earned.

Then you see others who cheat, lie, and hurt people, but they just get richer. Good people suffer and bad people succeed, and you start to wonder: “Why even try to do the right thing? Maybe nice guys really do finish last?” 

We even see it in the news. A mother cries because the man who killed her daughter is freed after only a short time in prison. An innocent child is killed by a terrorist bomb and his family asks: “Why him? What did he do to deserve this?” A widow weeps as she sits by her dead husband’s grave, not understanding why that drunk driver lived and her husband was killed. 

We just do not understand why God does not make things right…now! We feel like a “delay of justice is no justice.” But we forget one very important thing: if God treated us all justly and gave us what we really deserve, then all of us would be judged and punished because none of us is perfect. We all have done wrong, unfair things to others. We all have cheated a little, lied a little, and hurt others a little—if not a lot! 

A wise teacher was asked why bad things happen to good people. He answered: “I have never met any truly good people, so I don’t know.” What he meant was the fact that history and human nature clearly show that we all have some wrong, bad things in our heart, character, and way of living. That is the undisputed, tragic fact of human beings throughout history. In one way or another, we all have failed to live the way we know we should.

This is why God’s lavish love and mercy motivated and moved Him to become a human being: to pay the death penalty for all of our sinful, wrong living and unfair ways we have treated others. Our Creator Himself chose to be abused and punished more unfairly than anyone in history—just so you and I could receive His forgiveness and new life which we so desperately need!

We do not need God to be fair, we need Him to be more than fair—we need Him to be merciful! We think we need justice, but what we actually need is mercy. What is so amazing and shocking is that God freely gives us His mercy and new life even though none of us comes close to deserving it. Remember: “If mercy is deserved, then it’s not mercy.”

So won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for all of the sinful, painful and unfair things you have done to Him—and to others? That is the only way you will ever have peace of mind and freedom from guilt. Ask Him to take charge of your heart and daily living, so you can start living His way. It is only with His love and power you will be able to handle the unfair things in life that you face. Just think a minute…

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