One woman’s search for a job

Nothing hurts more than trying to give your absolute best and still getting nothing.

These are heartbreaking words from Asofaga Motu, of Moamoa Faleasi’u, when she spoke to the Village Voice about her efforts to find a formal job.

“I don’t want anyone to think that I haven’t tried enough; I’m 28 years old and I’m still trying to find a job,” Asofaga told the Village Voice.

“For someone like me, it is always hard to find work because I didn’t finish my education. But despite the circumstances, I am still trying my best.”

Asofaga did not finish college because her father needed help at home.

“My education ended in Year 12 at Nu’uausala College. I know I missed out on opportunities that could help me land a job but that will not stop me.  

“Honestly, I cannot really speak English fluently,” she told the Village Voice. 

“I can understand it, but I can’t speak it, and this was my weakness in school that I was trying to work on, when I dropped out.”

In 2009, Afosaga’s mother passed away and all the responsibilities fell on her.

“My father needed help at home and even with my older brothers around, I felt that I am responsible for our family. 

“I am the eldest girl and my father depends on me in caring for our family,” she said.  

Afosaga’s family consists of her sister, father and other extended family members living with them in Moamoa Faleasi’u.  

“Now, my eldest brother is employed and is living with his own family and so now it’s up to me to find a job in helping out my father.”

Afosaga’s commitment to putting her father first is the reason she has yet to have a family of her own.  

“My father and my family is my first and foremost priority.” 

Afosaga is a hard worker. 

She works in the plantation and sells bananas, and she also makes banana chips to earn money.

“We sell whatever we can get from the plantation and sometimes we just make chips because we don’t really know where else to get money from.

“And honestly, we only make about $28 a day from our chips and that’s if everything has been sold.

“That’s why I am humbly asking for help in finding a job. 

“It’s not easy doing all the work alone and at the same time, struggling to make money this way. 

“I try my best to be strong because my family is my responsibility.

“I need a good job that suits my skills. 

“I have my whole family to care for and we have obligations to the village and church. 

“It is our duty like all the other villagers to contribute,” she said. 

“As you can see, it has been my responsibility to take care of things around the house, both inside and out. 

“I clean, I work the land and I even feed our pigs. 

“These are the only type of jobs that I have been doing while growing up, but I know that I can learn and do well in whatever job I am given. 

“I am a fast learner. I trust the Lord will give me the right kind of job that is suitable for my skills,” said Afosaga. 

She added, “I’m not really educated but I’m strong and an obedient person, I will work hard and most importantly, I will be honest in all matters because that’s the kind of person my parents brought me up to be. That’s all I have.”

If you want to help Afosaga Motu with a job, please contact her on 729 7624 -- she would really appreciate it.

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