The destruction of the environment

Dear Editor,

Re: Sand scandal worries residents 

Dear PS Jeffrey, if it’s between the mayor and the company why is the permit that authorizes this environmental destruction being signed by the M.N.R.E? 

Furthermore if what you are spewing had an ounce of truth to it, and environmental decisions are left in the hands of village mayors, why pay a Minister of Environment for the job the mayors are doing? 

Even you must see the contradiction and lame absurdity of your argument. 

That would be like saying that because Samoa is now a member state of the UN they have the final say on the Security Council decisions. 

Do you see how weak and absurd your point is PS Jeffrey? 

You obviously are trying to divert responsibility away from your H.R.P.P again PS Jeffrey. It looks like they have the final say after all, and unlike what you like to claim, they do have their nose in every corrupt thing that goes on in Samoa. Hmmmm I wonder if the minister has any ties to this company? 

My husband and I would love free white sand to finish our decks but it’s against the law to take it, or so I thought. 

Besides this is a good law or everyone would be taking sand and gravel from wherever they want and it wouldn’t do much for the shoreline in Samoa. 

The problem is that the good laws, as usual in Samoa, don’t apply to everyone. This is what needs to change in Samoa for the good of the country. What is your motivation for protecting this unfair, undemocratic, outdated, system at every opportunity? 

The idea that good laws apply to some and not to others is how things have been done in Samoa for too long, at least 30 years, and this “who you know”, mentality needs to stop for the good of everyone. No one should be above the law. 

The P.M. might want to review what is happening to all this sand, and who, exactly is taking it on this current review project he has taken on with taxpayer money. 

Maybe the taxpayers should decide who and what to review. Let them decide which corrupt lazy overpaid people in positions of power should be under review instead of letting the P.M. decide. 

After all it’s their money he is using. To even suggest the environmental protection of the country of Samoa’s final say is left to some village mayor is just hogwash, ludicrous, and your usual transparent, weak, desperate, attempts at protecting the PM with your doublespeak PS Jeffrey. 

Its right up there with your Doublespeak that poor paying dead end seasonal fruit picking jobs abroad are well paid good jobs created by comprehensive job creation policy for the unemployed in Samoa by a good intended government initiative for the betterment of the people they have been hired to serve. 


Wendy Wonder 

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