It takes one to make one (Part 2)

Think a minute…A boy does not become a man automatically or alone. It takes a man to make a man. Boys always have heroes they look up to as the kind of man they want to be—and boys whose fathers live with them usually say their hero is their dad. 

But with so many fatherless children, immature and selfish fathers, domestic violence, sexual immorality, dishonesty, lack of personal responsibility, and excuses for them all—boys today have few good examples to follow.

Without dads, many boys’ heroes are superstar athletes. Then when some of these athletes are caught cheating by using drugs to help them achieve their world records, suddenly millions of boys are forced to see the painful truth that their superheroes are not true men at all! 

Every boy needs a good, real man to show him the way to manhood. As a family expert says, “Without fathers, our schools are tunnels to prison.” Boys need to see a true man who does not get ahead by cheating, lying, or taking the easy way out.

One who is honest, no matter what he can get away with or what it costs him. A man who works hard to provide for his family, and takes responsibility for his own character, actions and example that he gives his children to follow.

Boys need to see a truly strong man who has self-control. A man who does not need to show off or act tough by beating and bossing his wife and children around. A real man who loves, protects, and respects his wife.

A man who spends more time with his children than he does on his own personal hobbies and pleasures. A mature man who knows that life is not about him, but others. Remember, a boy is self-centered, a man is others-centered. 

No matter what else a man has accomplished in his life, if he has helped turn boys into men, he knows he has been successful. Boys learn and become what they live with. They do what you do, not what you say.

The good news is it is never too late to change. Jesus will not only show you how to make a man, but He will give you the power to do it. He will give you the inner strength to lead boys into manhood by your good example.

Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you and start making you into the true man He created you to be? Just think a minute… 

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