Bitcoin is a real threat

Dear Editor,

Re: Beware, Bank warns 

The money changers; the Federal Reserve with their centralized banks all over the world are capitulating and worried because they are under the gun to come up with another scheme to save the worthless paper money that has no value since they took out the gold standard in 1972 by President Nixon. 

Inflation has eaten away the value of the dollar that its real value is 3 cents to the dollar according to some analyst; 97% of lost wealth due to compounding inflationary pressure created by these centralized banks stealing from the people. 

The value of silver and gold has been deliberately suppressed by the “ market makers “ to save the fiat currency and eventually the house of cards could no longer be able to stand on its own two legs but crumble from it’s own bloated weight ; the Military Industrial Complex of the US is the new gold standard, that’s why they are interested in wars to save the dollar.

 But Bitcoin is a real threat because in this crypto- currency, no one is in control but the market place will dictate the fluctuations of this knew digital currency based on supply and demand. 

The game of monopoly is over with this group of gangsters that controlled the world. Now they are trying to save it by introducing a carbon foot print tax under their Climate change initiative.


Leituala Roger B.

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