We are only human, we can only do so much

Dear Editor,

Re: Former Director convicted 

Justice prevails. It is time for everyone involved in the power tussle that had embroiled the two law enforcement agencies over a year ago to move forward.

Individuals of relatives and family members were also tangled up with feelings shattered and were being hurt; stemmed from a simple road traffic accident hence when a boil had infected to becoming a gangrene; almost.

Jobs are lost and culprits have faced predicaments for what had so gloomy to have happened behind closed doors, are now being exposed the cahoots to defeat natural justice.

Samoa is the victim out of all this.

We give our trust to you the public servants with our daily prayer for the loving God to help you; to come to work everyday, returning to loved ones when shifts end safely.

We were so worried that our safety was not secured; the Police Commissioner was suspended, the Director of Public Prosecution was as well and then all hell break lose.

Your country relied on you the public servants day in day out; and so as you our politicians. I had hope the life of the late Cabinet Minister Luagalau Leva’ula Kamu was taken so early for all Cabinet Ministers to learn a political lesson.

I had hope former Cabinet Minister Le’afa Vitale and Toi Aukuso is a deterrence for any other would be politician to offer the utmost to serve Samoa.

However a disastrous blunder has flustered from a police witness before the present Commission of Enquiry into police corruption.

When the low passes on the high brings calm then we all must stop and refocus where we had failed and for which path to take.

Unless I admit my mistakes; unless I refrained from excuses; unless I stop pointing one fingers to others but the rest aiming back at me.

Then I must ask God; yes Lord it is me. I have failed You. Here I am I repent. Please forgive me. AMEN!

Now I feel better. Now I can focus to distinguish right from wrong. Now I cannot hide behind no more excuses.

Stop! Slow down if life is going too fast. Think! Talk to God and He will respond through your conscious to do what is right.

Walk away if anger persist and the burden is building up. After all, we are only human we can only do so much.

Easy for me to say because I can only control myself; but just as a thought.


Tofaeono Joe Hollywood 

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