What the government is really good at

Dear Editor,

Interesting editorial about Samoa yesterday. I fail to understand where this faith in government comes from. 

Are the citizens of Samoa so steered by their education from government teachers? Government is a provider from whom recipients cannot easily fire nor can easily shift market share away from. 

The founders of America knew this. That is why government had finite a role. You will find these in the Declaration of Independence second paragraph.

Bureaucracies never are able to provide anything at reduced cost or efficiency. It is absolutely the opposite. Place a bureaucrat in between you and the boy who cuts your grass... cost will grow up and efficiency will suffer. 

This is nothing new. Government produces nothing and gives nothing that it does not first take away from someone else. 

Conservatism is a collection of principles that understands this and seeks to minimize the impact of government and bureaucracy upon the progress and prosperity of the citizen.


Chris Weaver 

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