Chinese language popularity growing in Samoa

By Ilia L Likou 24 November 2016, 12:00AM

Twenty-three students studying the Chinese language at the National University of Samoa celebrated the end of the academic year yesterday.

And by the sound of things, many more will be joining the programme in the future. During a ceremony attended by the Ambassador of China to Samoa, Wang Xuefeng, Faith Moananu was named the top student.  “I chose the Chinese Language because I love leaning their culture and way of living,” Faith told the Samoa Observer.

“Samoa and China have a very special relationship and I think the Chinese language will become a very important tool for Samoans in the future. “So I encourage everyone to take it and learn it.” The encouragement brought a smile to Mr. Xuefeng’s face, who expressed his sincere thanks to the support of the National University of Samoa.  “As we all know Chinese is the language spoken by the largest population in the world and learning Chinese has become a fashion in many countries,” he said. “We’re glad to know that Chinese is increasingly spoken by more and more young students who have graduated from this Chinese Language Programme at N.U.S. “With the increasing people-to-people exchange and economic and trade cooperation between China and Samoa, there will be greater and greater demand for Chinese-speaking talents in various fields in Samoa.

“I see the day is not far when Chinese becomes a popular foreign language spoken extensively in Samoa.” Peseta Desmond Lee-Hang spoke on behalf of the National University of Samoa to thank Mr. Xuefang and the People Republic of China for their great contribution to education.

“This year is an important milestone for the Chinese courses in N.U.S,” Peseta said. “It marks 15 years since the first Chinese course was offered and taught here at the N.U.S. back in 2001. “Over the years since the beginning of these Chinese courses, the practise for enrolled students is that when they pass – they get their fees refunded by the Chinese Embassy.

“Now this year, His Excellency wants to give these out – as a prize giving award.

“And as I understand it, all students who took this Chinese language will receive an award.”

Peseta encouraged students to take up Chinese as a third language in addition to Samoan and English.

“It may seem difficult in the beginning but you have been told that once you get the hang of it, with perseverance, you will get there.”

By Ilia L Likou 24 November 2016, 12:00AM
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