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Re: Samoan traditions 

Malo Ale, I hope our people will wake up and understand what we’ve been trying to enlightened them for quite sometime. Christianity has made a real man (Jesus) from the metaphorical and Astrological story in the bible. 

Its Asrto-theological in nature. Jesus the “ Sun” that walked twelve steps across the ecliptic visiting his twelve disc-ciples or apos-tles (their post on the ecliptic) or the twelve houses of the Zodiac everyday. Its an extended epic poetry. Twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night. 

The covenant of work (day) and the covenant of rest (night). God is good when the sun is risen and Satan is evil or the devil when its dark. The polarity or duality of the two opposing forces of positive and negative or the cause and effect. Its symbolism at its best. The four faces of God in the bible are the four quadrants of seasonal cycles in the northern hemisphere, which forms the cross. The latitudinal line or the equatorial line that crosses the longitudinal line of summer and winter solstice, hence, Jesus the “sun” has been crucified four different times on the ecliptic. The Jews called it “pass over” and the Christians called it the resurrection of the Sun (Easter). 

The four Cardinal Points of Spring, summer, Autumn and Winter are; March 21st for Spring, June 21st for summer, Sept 21st for Autumn and Dec. 21st for winter. The Christians demonized Paganism but in reality they are worshiping the Pagan Gods of antiquity. Remember the myth about Zeus ( Je-zeus) dethroning his father or his brother Cronus which is time or (Saturn- Satan) and cast him out according to the Greek mythology? 

Those stories are about how nature works, it goes through four different cycles. The Churches have been profiting from this story at the expense of the gullible and the uninitiated.


Leituala Roger Brunt

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