Alcohol at primary school 

Strange things are happening in Samoa.

Take for instance a recent case at one local Primary School were students were caught sharing a bottle of spirit among themselves.

Yes you read it right. This is not a college; it’s a primary school.

But if you think that’s bad, then you obviously haven’t heard about an incident at another local primary school where marijuana was found on a student.

What’s happening in Samoa today? 

And where do these kids get these ideas?

I guess it’s true what they say: Ua sui lava Samoa!

God help us.


Illegal parking 

Did you know that it is illegal to park in the middle of the road? 

BTL has seen so many times people using the inside shoulder to park and do other things, especially on the four lane road from Malifa to Vaitele. 

What’s interesting is that most of the times, it’s the Police officers and the L.T.A guys who park there? 

Do they have a special license to do that? 

Or do they like breaking their own laws?

Who knows?


Thank you

Speaking of L.T.A., you’ve got to give it to them for being extra nice.

Last week, they had two massive signs warning everyone about their speed radar being used on that four-lane road that’s notorious for some Fast and the Furious type action.

So of course, if you were speeding, you immediately slowed down… until you went past the radar. 

Oh how wonderful, so kind!


Bed and breakfast 

So the Samoa Shipping Corporation has issued a clarification saying they are not planning to build a hotel rather a bed and breakfast type accommodation?

Okay then. This is in response to complaints by a businessman that the Government shouldn’t be competing with the private sector. 

Well here’s some breaking news, whether it’s a hotel, bed and breakfast or dinner and lunch type accommodation, it’s still competing against other businesses in the private sector.

You know.

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