Flash cars, Samoa Airways and the economy

Dear Editor,

We were on our way to the airport to pick up some friends and we saw the expensive fancy SUV Land Cruiser the ministers and Stui were driving on their way to Apia from Savai’i. 

It is sad how these people who run our country can justify the luxurious life as a minister and a Prime Minister. Another thing that we observed was these govt SUV were driven at high speed to Apia, bumper to bumper to the vehicle infront of them.

So we got to the airport and here came the Samoa Airway plane from Auckland. The passengers embarked the plane and holy s***, there were only 29 passengers. Really? Only 29 passengers. We were shocked; especially we just saw the ministers and Stui driving their expensive SUV toward Apia. 

Another person mentioned to us that he also flew Samoa Airways from Auckland the previous week and there were only 31 passengers on his flight.

And it’s got interesting by the minute. 

When all the passengers left the plane, we saw two maintenance workers replaced one of the plane’s landing tyre. We asked ourselves, that brand new tyre probably cost more than the money the Samoa Airways made from that flight from Auckland.

So Stui has spent countless resources trying to find O.L.P, he even asked the A.G. to take action against O.L.P, but why Stui could not just turn to his left or right side and ask Minister Lautafi what the hell is going on with Samoa Airways? We had discussed many times how much we are paying for lease, cost, etc, it is crazy.

There is no stinky way Samoa Airways can stay in business.

Wait, an hour later, Fiji Airways arrived from Nadi and voila, we lost count how many passengers were embarked from the plane. I stopped counting when it was over 100 passengers who left the plane.

This Fiji Airways flight continued on to Honolulu, a quick question to the check in counter and we found out the Fiji Airways flight to Honolulu 2 hrs later was almost 90% full capacity. 

We stayed and counted the passengers to Honolulu and voila, it looked like 95% full capacity.

So we were wondering why on earth we are spending $140 millions for the airport, there are only few flights a week, the Samoa Airways cannot even fill 50 seats, but Mr. Stui gets on TV almost every night and tells us every things is fine?

That is not even considering the $20 millions investment for the new prison that the government has just told us it is a good investment. Only in Samoa man!


Ola Fia 

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