Ignorance is not bliss

Think a minute…During World War II, an uneducated man who lived out in the hills hand-delivered this letter to the U. S. Army office in the city. Since he could not read or write, his wife had written it for him.

This is what her letter said:  “Dear United States Army:  My husband asked me to write a recommendation that he supports his family. He cannot read. So please take him. He ain’t no good to me. He ain’t done nothing but make trouble and drink beer since I married him 8 years ago.

And I got to feed his 7 kids. Maybe you can get him to carry a gun. He’s good at huttin’ squirrels and eatin’. Take him. I need his food and bed for the kids. Don’t tell him I said this, just take him.” That husband’s ignorance was not bliss! What he did not know did hurt him! 

A story is told of a thief in ancient times who stole a valuable coat.

The coat was made of the finest materials, including buttons of pure silver and gold.

When he returned to his friends after selling the coat in the market, they asked him how much money he had gotten for the coat.

He answered, “A hundred pieces of silver.” His friends were shocked and upset. They said:  “You only got a hundred pieces of silver for that rare, valuable coat?” The thief looked surprised and asked:  “Why? Is there a number higher than 100?” If you do not know there is more, you will never get more! There is so much in life just waiting for us to experience and enjoy. If all you are used to eating is bread and water, then you do not know you could be eating steak and lobster!

Remember, there is one person who can show you everything there is to be enjoyed in life.

That is the One Who created life. Jesus came to show us what it means to be fully human and fully alive, so we can live our lives to the fullest. He also knows the dangers that can trick and trap us.

He will protect you from the pain that you and your family will have if you do not live your Maker’s way that He designed for your happiness.

So won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and living your own way? Then ask Him to take full charge so He can start helping you live His true and satisfying way? It is the only way you will not miss out on all the exciting, wonderful things He has planned for you.

Just think a minute…

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