Dreams energise Aigalotu

Dreams are like an energy drink to 17 year old Aigalotu Vaosia, who wants to become a doctor.

As a Year 12 student at Nu’uausala College, she intends to work hard to achieve this goal in life.

Speaking to the Village Voice team, Aigalotu believes it’s time she should set goals for her future.

“Because if I just go to school and not think of a dream to chase, then it’s a waste of time,” she said.

“These things are what fills every human’s life and they are part of life and human nature.

As a young girl, she understands that everyone has a desire for a good future to help their families and to give purpose to their lives.

“Yes, that’s why dreams are vital in the life of every person, for without dreams, there is nothing to plan for and if that’s so, then there’s no reason to live.

“As a student, dreaming of becoming a doctor in the future is what keeps me going and to ensure that I strive for the best in school every day.

“It’s what keeps me going to listen to the teachers and to make good use of the money that my parents give to me every day for school.

“So we have different dreams. Some differ greatly from person to person, some being small while others are unrealistically large. 

But why is it important to have a dream?

“As I’ve mentioned earlier, it keeps me and you going and to never give up on life, some people may say they don’t have a dream, but personally, that’s impossible,” she said.

She added: “Whenever you start to give up on your life because of so many things happening around you, dreams will become your energy drink that will keep you going.

“So honestly, my dream of becoming a doctor in the future gives meaning to my life.”

However, Aigalotu admitted there were challenges to achieving your dream.

“There are many kinds of obstacles that we, especially us (young people) face in life, and if I had not persuaded myself to keep trying, my dream of going for a better future, to become a doctor might not come true. 

“But if we want to succeed in life, then I have to never give up in my study because giving up the passion to achieve my desired goal, is the way to going downhill.

“But never giving up is the key characteristic needed to achieve your dream. So that’s why I need to be strong and trust in the Lord,” she said. 

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